Honoring the Fallen

I am Bob Brunson.

group picture of VF(N)-101 Brunson

I flew with “Spreck” off the USS Enterprise in the early part of 1944. He was transferred back to join the other half of our squadron at Barber’s Point on Oahu in Hawaii Islands on June 5th, 1944. Some months later (still in 1944) I learned of the accident. The most accurate info I have learned was from a Radar Officer that was a part of that group at Barber’s Point. I quote.

I believe von Sprecken was killed when a group was taking off at Barbor’s Point. For some reason von Sprecken’s aircraft stopped or slowed down. The plane immediately behind him couldn’t stop ; it’s wing rode up on von Sprecken’s plane- shearing off the tail, riding up the length of the plane and killing him in the cockpit. He buried in the military cemetery in Honolulu and the sound of Taps rolling over the hills was the saddest sound I have ever heard.

Spreck is the pilot kneeling in the front on the photo’s right.

group picture of VF(N)-101 Von Sprecken



Dick Gray survived!

Update about Lieutenant Richard L. Gray.

From the collection of Robert B. Brunson

Robert Brunson

Ensigns learning squadron tactics before joining a squadron

Dick Gray

Message from Robert Brunson…

After returning to the States, Dick was as J.G. and was our Instructor for a couple of months in Operational Training at Jacksonville. He worked with eight of us flying F4F Wildcat in February-March of 1943.