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Intermission – 17 February 1944

16-17 February 1944

Excerpt from this book


Beginning with a dawn strafing attack by 72 F6Fs, USN carrier aircraft from Task Force 58* support Operation CATCHPOLE, the impending invasion of Eniwetok Atoll, by mounting powerful attacks against the IJN regional base at Truk Atoll. TBMs, SBDs, SB2Cs, and F6Fs damage or destroy as many as 150 aircraft on the ground and attack four IJN warships and as many as 50 transports and other vessels in the lagoon.

While supporting carrier-based SBDs and TBMs, as well as conducting their own strafing attacks against all manner of targets, F6F pilots down 121 IJN aircraft, mostly A6Ms. A VT-9 TBFM gunner also downs one A6M. This is the highest one-day victory total so far in the Pacific War. Four F6Fs are lost in combat.

During the night of February 17-18, six radar-equipped B5Ns mount an unopposed attack against Task Force 58, and one torpedo hit is scored on the fleet carrier USS Intrepid, which retires to Majuro Atoll.

Also during the night, 12 VT-10 TBMs armed with 500-pound bombs mount the war’s first carrier-based night radar attack against shipping in Truk Lagoon. Several hits are claimed and several ships are apparently sunk.

* Task Force 58 (Fast Carrier Task Force) [RAdm Marc A. Mitscher, Commander, Carrier Division 3]: Task Group 58.1 [RAdm John W. Reeves, Jr., Commander, Carrier Division 4] USS Enterprise (Fleet Carrier Air Group 10), USS Yorktown (Fleet Carrier Air Group 5), and USS Belleau Wood (Light Carrier Air Group 24); Task Group 58.2 [RAdm Alfred E. Montgomery, Commander, Carrier Division 12] USS Essex (Fleet Carrier Air Group 9), USS Intrepid (Fleet Carrier Air Group 11), and USS Cabot (Light Carrier Air Group 31); and Task Group 58.3 [RAdm Frederick C. Sherman, Commander, Carrier Division 1]-USS Bunker Hill (Fleet Carrier Air Group 17), USS Cowpens (Light

Carrier Air Group 22), and USS Monterey (Light Carrier Air Group 30).

Photos of Intrepid taken from the Internet

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Intermission – Robert George Poirier Jr.

Obituary found on the Internet

Our father, Robert George Poirier Jr., passed away peacefully on Monday, May 7, 2012 at 4:30 pm at the age of 90.

He is survived and missed by his daughters, Dianne Seab (Murfrees-boro, TN), Betty Rockwell (Ormond Beach, FL), and Tammy Johnson (New Smyrna Beach, FL); his grandchildren, Robert George Poirier IV, Michelle Smith, Kelly Tetrick, Kerry Seab, Cherie Elebash, Jon Turner, David Johnson, Melissa Johnson, and Lisa Johnson; and several great-grandchildren; his sons-in-law, Bob Rockwell and John Johnson; and his long time dear friends Kathy Tickle and Lindy Stem.

He was preceded in death by his wife Monteen Poirier and his son, Robert George Poirier III.

He was born June 2, 1921 in Cambridge, MA to the late Robert George Poirier Sr. and Florence Sherring.

He was a WWII Veteran serving as a Naval Aviator and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, American Theater, Pacific Theater (6 stars) and Victory medals.

He served in the Night Attack and Combat Training Unit. He was a member of the United Church of God. His legacy is one of great generosity and thoughtfulness to others. He was blessed with a long wonderful life and will be missed but never forgotten by many. A family memorial to come will celebrate his life.

On a genealogy website

Robert George Poirier, 1898 – Circa 1967

Robert George Poirier was born on month day 1898, at birth place, Massachusetts, to Alberic (Alberique; Albert) “Pepe” Poirier and Victoria (“Meme”) Poirier (born Laconture (?)).

Alberic was born circa 1868, in Canada.

Victoria was born circa 1875, in Cambridge, MA.

Robert had 7 siblings: Hernin (?) Poirier, Charles Poirier and 5 other siblings.

Robert married Florence Edna Poirier (born Shering) on month day 1920, at age 22 at marriage place, Massachusetts.

Florence was born on June 14 1898, in Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA.

They had 3 children: Dorothy E. Dollard (born Poirier) and 2 other children.

Robert passed away on month day 1967, at age 69 at death place, Massachusetts.

He was buried at burial place, Massachusetts.

Robert George Poirier, 1921 – 2012

Robert George Poirier was born on month day 1921, at birth place, Massachusetts, to Robert George Poirier and Florence Edna Poirier (born Shering).

Robert was born on August 12 1898, in Cambridge, MA.

Florence was born on June 14 1898, in Butler, Butler, Pennsylvania, USA.

Robert had 2 siblings: Dorothy E. Dollard (born Poirier) and one other sibling.

Robert married Monteen Poirier (born Gilder) on month day 1942, at age 21 at marriage place, Florida.

Monteen was born on February 7 1921, in Dublin, Laurens, Georgia, USA.

They had 4 children.

Robert passed away on month day 2012, at age 90 at death place, Florida.

Documents of Robert George Poirier

Robert G Poirier in U.S. Social Security Death Index (SSDI)

Robert G Poirier was born on June 2 1921.

Robert lived in USA.

Robert passed away on May 7 2012, at age 90.

Robert G Jr Poirier in 1940 United States Federal Census

Robert G Jr Poirier was born circa 1922, at birth place, Massachusetts, to Robert G Poirier and Florence E Poirier.

Robert had 2 siblings: Ralph A Poirier and one other sibling.

Robert lived in 1935, at address, Massachusetts.

He lived in 1940, at address, Massachusetts.

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Intermission – John P. Altemus

This is what I found on the Internet yesterday while I was researching my transcription of Richard Harmer’s diary for 29 January 1944…

Richard E Harmer Journal January 28-29-30

Richard E Harmer Journal January 29 continued


The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Flying Cross to Lieutenant John P. Altemus (NSN: 0-112140), United States Navy, for extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight in the Pacific Theater from 29 January 1944 to 1 February 1944. Lieutenant Altemus completed twenty flights in a combat area where enemy anti-aircraft fire was expected to be effective or where enemy aircraft patrols usually occurred. His conduct throughout has distinguished him among those performing duties of the same character.

Action Date: January 29 – February 1, 1944

Service: Navy

Rank: Lieutenant



On January 29, 2019, this story will be continued…


Intermission – Going back in time

If you happen to find this blog, you might find it difficult to make sense of what I have been writing since 2015.

This is what I wrote on the very first post.


collection Flight Lieutenant John Kelly


collection Flight Lieutenant John Kelly

I start my blogs most of the time with never seen before pictures shared by complete strangers. John “Jack” Kelly flew F4U Corsairs with the US Navy and later de Havilland Mosquitos with the RAF. His son told me he had lots of information about his father but he warned me he was the procrastinating type.

I decided anyway to create this blog in an effort to reach out for relatives of the naval aviators seen on this group picture with only one name to work with…

Lt. John Kelly.


Then on March 16, 2016, someone wrote a comment on the presentation page of this blog.

I flew with Jack in VF(N)-101 in 1943 & 1944, I would like to contact his son. I just found this page. I am Bob Brunson, in the photo of Jack aboard the USS Enterprise.


Bob Brunson had found the blog I had created as a tribute to John Kelly who was a member of VF(N)-101. He wanted to contact John Kelly’s son.


I don’t remember if Bob Brunson made contact. My blog then went dormant waiting for someone to write me again about VF(N)-101.

On December 25, 2016, Bob Brunson wrote a second comment, and this time the floodgates opened wide.

FYI, Chick Harmer’s son is collecting data on his dad. His e-mail is …

He gave me Richard Harmer son’s email address so I could contact him. Tom Harmer wrote right back with a link to his OneDrive with all his files about his father.

3 gigabytes!

In his father’s file he had a group picture with a bizarre caption.


I got curious and I just had to find more about who wrote the caption and who were these 36 (sic) naval aviators from VF-5 on USS Saratogo (sic). Tom Harmer told me his father had not written it and I could edit the caption.

This is the result…


Having straighten out the caption I felt it was important to find more about all these naval aviators starting top row left with Ensign Price…


And ending with Lieutenant (junior grade) Stepanek…

1942 VF (5) Squadron Saratoga 3-39 Stepanek

All 39 naval aviators have been documented, one every week. Since then only two ot three people made contact about those 39 naval aviators. One of them was Marion Dufilho’s great nephew…


This is what he has shared.

It’s not important that you read everything that I wrote. This blog is to preserve the past for future generations or for people who might be relatives of one of the 39 naval aviators seen here on a group picture of VF-5 aboard USS Saratoga on July 15, 1942.


To be continued…