Dick Gray survived!

Update about Lieutenant Richard L. Gray.

From the collection of Robert B. Brunson

Robert Brunson

Ensigns learning squadron tactics before joining a squadron

Dick Gray

Message from Robert Brunson…

After returning to the States, Dick was as J.G. and was our Instructor for a couple of months in Operational Training at Jacksonville. He worked with eight of us flying F4F Wildcat in February-March of 1943.


Remembering Lieutenant Richard L. Gray


I had forgotten to post this on one of the 39 naval pilots seen on the photograph. This will be an ongoing research on Lieutenant Richard L. Gray USNA 1936.

I did not find much on Lieutenant Richard L. Gray USNA 1936.

The name Gray is more common than the other pilots’ names. Lieutenant Gray’s name appears several times in this book.

I was not able to ascertain his fate… 

Lieutenant Richard L. Gray  USNA 1936 stayed with VF-5 and did not join the Cactus Air Force.


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