About Richard “Chick” Harmer

There is nothing more in Richard Harmer’s diary after July 17, 1944.

17 July 1944

The last entry is on the last pages…


Here’s to the best Skipper a Navy man could have, and I hope the pleasure of serving with him continue.

Swede Kullberg

Swede Kullberg

Here is to a human skipper a Navy could have. May your dreams & aspirations come true.

group picture of VF(N)-101 Orphanides

Chris Ophanides

To a real guy whose relationship with the officers and men of his command have made my first real duty the pleasure it has been. May I be able to help him to the best of my ability.

Here’s to Chick – a man’s man, a real guy and a beautiful pilot. I hope that I am and will be a credit to his labors and teachings, and to help him through their applications.

group picture of VF(N)-101 Von Sprecken

von Sprecken

I’m proud to be a member of a squadron who has such a wonderful skipper as Chick Harmer. I’ll do my darndest to make him proud of his squadron and maybe I’ll be able to show all my gratitude for what he has done for me and the squadron. Bob H.

group picture of VF(N)-101 Holden

Bob Holden

To the finest and most capable skipper I could ever have served with. One who is a companion, a brother, & an able adviser all in one. In all, Chick is the best damn fellow we could ever meet.
Bob Poirier

group picture of VF(N)-101 Poirier

Robert Poirier

The newcomer is happy and proud to be aboard VFN 75. May they come 1/2 mi dead ahead, Skipper.
Frank Burgess.


5 thoughts on “About Richard “Chick” Harmer

  1. Pierre, thank you so much for the excellent job you did at transcribing my dad’s 1944 Journal on the Enterprise. Not only transcribing but also creating a Blog on it and Publishing that. The whole Harmer family owes you a debt of gratitude! Thank you very much.
    Thomas V Harmer, son.


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