Preserving the Past – 15 July, 1944


At 0950 today I was catapulted in an F6F to fly into Pearl. Kane and the A.G.-16 G.C. and fighter skipper went also. Called Dave from Com Air Pac. Saw Swede & Kirby at CASU-1 later. From COMAIRPAC learned that only those on the “E” get to go back. It was bitter news to bring to the gang at Barber’s Point. They took it swell though. Had a party in Swede & Dave room. Got kind of rough but lots of fun. I turned in about0230 but the rest played poker until 0530.


COMAIRPAC is Commander Aircraft Pacific Fleet.

CASU 1 is Carrier Aircraft Service Unit Number One.

Feel free to add comments or to suggest corrections on errors that I made transcribing.

Tomorrow, July 16, 1944

Up at 0830…



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