Preserving the Past – 22 June, 1944

21-22 June 1944


Still headed back to Saipan. A Navy VF squadron lands there tomorrow plus a squadron of army fighters, presumably night fighters. Comdr. Kane was picked up today and is aboard now. That was his fourth water landing. One bogie picked up and shot down. Expected business tonight but got none. Played rummy with Chris, lost and got mad at him as usual. Sleeping in ready room tonight. I miss Dolly so much she seems like a dream from a former life now.


D+7 DAY (22 June 1944).
Special Search (0815-1220).
17 VB – no action.

1 VT and 1 VB belonging to HORNET launched at 1110.
1 VF belonging to ESSEX launched at 1401.

Recapitulation for D+7 Day.
Launchings 20
Landings 17




USAAF P-47 fighters of the 73rd fighters SQ., 7th AF, being launched from USS MANILA BAY (CVE-61) for delivery to airfields on Saipan, 24 June 1944.


Feel free to add comments or to suggest corrections on errors that I made transcribing.


Tomorrow, June 23 1944…

23-24-25 June 1944

We are back to Saipan again…


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