Preserving the Past – 14 June, 1944

14-15 June 1944


This morning we fueled destroyers right after G.Q. The first one transferred seven japs prisoners to us – they were from the jap ship we had sunk on the 12th. I had always been curious to see a real live jap but my curiosity was quickly satisfied. They were a miserable looking lot. Small, ugly and almost inhuman in actions and expression. I watched them treat one the wounded japs down in sick bay. I was feeling sorry for him because he looked so harmless and pooped out. They were clipping his hair off and finally got around to removing his mustache. That evidently was too much for him as he grabbed the clippers away from the careman as quick as a cat and tried to run them through his tormentor’s hair. He looked so cruel and animal like that I didn’t feel sorry for him afer that. Brunson and Poirier flew a search rescue mission this morning but had no luck. Three boys had the standbye duty tonight.

Feel free to add comments or to suggest corrections on errors that I made transcribing.

Tomorrow, June 15 1944…

14-15 June 1944

D-Day. The troops went ashore on schedule…


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