Preserving the Past – 11 June, 1944

9-10-11 June 1944


Quite a day. The battle of the Marianas is on. The fighter sweep got off at 1300. Two SOCs from the Indianapolis took off at 1500 as standbye rescue planes and one F6F and one F4U took off at this time as escort for them. Brunson got this job. One of our boys went down and the rescue team went in. Ship changed Pt. “O” on them and of course the whole gang got lost & separated after dark. The two VF got back by themselves and I went out after the SOCs who had no VHF. Got them back alive.

Feel free to add comments or to suggest corrections on errors that I made transcribing.

Tomorrow, June 12 1944…

12-13 June 1944

Today is D-2 day for the occupation of Saipan…


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