Preserving the Past – 23 May, 1944

22-23 May 1944



We slept in “Ye Olde Hotele” at the 4th Marine Headquarters on Kwajalein last night. It was a tent with four cots in it. I had a bad night with my cold but do not feel too badly. Got up at 0630 and took a shower. I found out that the first transport for Majuro left at 0730 so routed out Von and had breakfast. We got going 20 minutes late due to the transport and then had two hours of the worst flying I have ever experienced down to Majuro. It was solid rain nearly all the way. Landed at Majuro about 1010 in a heavy rain squall. Returned to the ship after lunch. I am spending the night aboard.

The book Dolly bought for me got here today “My Native Land” (?) I will have time to read it on the next cruise I hope. I am going to the movie tonight and then write a letter to Dolly. I miss her more than ever right now – maybe it is because I miss her spoiling when I’m feeling badly.

Feel free to add comments or to suggest corrections on errors that I made transcribing.

Tomorrow, May 24 1944…

24-25 May 1944

Came ashore about 1400 today…



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