Intermission – Lindbergh in the Pacific


In 1944 Lindbergh was able to visit the Pacific Theater of Operations as a Corsair technical rep. Lindbergh left for the Pacific on April 24, 1944, flying to Hawaii in a Navy C-47. From there he moved through Midway, Palmyra and Funa Futi to Espiritu Santo, visiting and flying with Corsair equipped squadrons. After two weeks he moved on through Guadalcanal (Koli) and Bougainville (no strip mentioned) to Green Island. On May 22, 1944, Lindbergh flew his first combat mission, escorting TBFs to Rabaul with a Marine Corsair squadron and strafing assigned ground targets before starting home. Before returning to Guadalcanal on June 10 he had flown 13 missions to Northern Solomon and Rabaul targets from Green and Emirau islands.

While returning to the States, Lindbergh stopped off in the Marshall Islands to visit Marine Corsair squadrons engaged in bombing and strafing by-passed Jap garrisons. During the first of his six missions in the Marshalls he dropped one 1000 lb. bomb. The next day he carried and dropped three 1000 lb. bombs. After several days spent devising a method of hanging a 2000 lb. bomb under the fuselage of a Corsair he then dropped the bomb, the heaviest ever carried by a fighter, on Jap-held Wotje Island. On his final two combat missions, flown September 12 and 13, 1944, Lindbergh carried one 2000 lb. bomb plus a 1000 lb. bomb under each wing probably the heaviest bomb load ever attached to a Corsair!


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