Preserving the Past – 16 May, 1944

15-16 May 1944



It rained nearly all day today. Majuro is a dull and disheartening place when it rains. Unfortunately the radarmen had their beer party ashore today and, due to the rain, it was rather dull for them. They drank up three cases of beer and returned to the ship about 1500. At 1730 I received word to get all my non-flying personnel aboard tonight as we would have to fly aboard first thing tomorrow. We had to rush but we got them and all equipment aboard the last boat to the ship at 1900. Holden, Brunson and myself stayed ashore to fly the planes aboard. Saw the movie tonight and I got soaked in spite of the kindness of a sailor who shared his poncho with me. To bed about 2200.

Feel free to add comments or to suggest corrections on errors that I made transcribing.

Tomorrow, May 17, 1944…

17-18 May 1944

Back aboard for awhile…


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