Preserving the Past – 15 May, 1944

15-16 May 1944



First thing this morning I sent a message to Holden on the ship, to bring in a new prop for #94. The engine does not need changing. I watched them pull the damaged prop off #94 and make the “run-out” test on the shaft. The engine is not out of alignment at all. Came back to the hut for some sun. Frank Burgess is in today – also Comdr Hamilton. The Comdr says we will fly aboard Thursday for a short training cruise. Poirier and I flew tonight. I was a very black night. We got in some good practice but didn’t have too good luck in completing interceptions. Landed about 2230.

#94 was the Corsair Poirier flew on May 14.

Poirier got caught in a searchlight beam and lost control of his plane temporarily. He was so scared that he made a bad landing and went up on his nose.

Feel free to add comments or to suggest corrections on errors that I made transcribing.

Tomorrow, May 16, 1944…

15-16 May 1944

It rained nearly all day…


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