Preserving the Past – 14 April, 1944


14-15-16 April 1944


Steaming south. Weather was a little bad. Brunson and Rowlen got off the deck today. It is Bunky’s first flight since the first part of March. Both boys stank a little but in the landing circle and Bunky’s landing was bad. Both planes got aboard OK though. No further word on whether we get our intruder mission or not. I hope at least one plane gets to go in just to see how much good we can do.


Bunky Rowlen

group picture of VF(N)-101 Rowlen


group picture of VF(N)-101 Brunson


Feel free to add comments or to suggest corrections on errors that I made transcribing.

Tomorrow, April 15, 1944…

14-15-16 April 1944

Skip this date due to change of dates…


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