Preserving the Past – January 23, 1944

Richard E Harmer Journal January 21-22-23


Up at Flight Quarters at 0450. No flying for F4Us until 1130. The other four pilots were catapulted then. I stayed for as much of the church service as I could but had to leave just as the sermon started when flight quarters sounded again. All four launchings OK. The boys went over…

Richard E Harmer Journal January 24-25

23rd continued

to the Intrepid task force to show Swede’s outfit that we still had 4 planes in commission. They found two in the air – Taylor in #9 and someone else, probably Swede leading. Swede seemed rather uninterested in seeing our bunch. Landings at 1445. Our group put on a lousy show of poor air discipline. Broke up too soon and scattered all over before ship was ready to take them. Brunson made only good landing, Holden, Rowlen and von Sprecken all blew tires due to bad bounces. Gave them all a lecture and let it go. Nothing was of interest today.

#9 on USS Intrepid (16 February 1944)



group picture of VF(N)-101 Brunson


group picture of VF(N)-101 Holden

von Sprecken

group picture of VF(N)-101 Von Spreckhen

About my transcription…

Feel free to add comments or to suggest corrections on errors that I made transcribing.

Tomorrow, January 24, 1944…

Richard E Harmer Journal January 24-25


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