Richard “Chick” Harmer

This is how I first met Lieutenant Commander Richard Harmer.

Through a photo sent by Lieutenant John Kelly’s son.

At first this blog was created to pay homage to Lieutenant John Kelly and after to these other unsung heroes.


But then it evolved with a comment made by Bob Brunson.

He told me about Tom Harmer, Richard Harmer’s son. Tom and I made contact, and I have not stop writing since. First about this picture which had a wrong caption. Tom did not know who wrote it. Certainly not his father!

I just had to make the caption right to pay homage to these 39 aviators seen on a group picture taken on July 15, 1942 aboard USS Saratoga.

The caption said also that there were half of these men who had died in the battle. I had to make certain.

Ensign Robert L. Price was one of them.

Lieutenant (junior grade) Charles A. Tabberer was another one.

Ensign G.J. Morgan.

Lieutenant Marion William Dufilho.

Ensign Charles Emil Eichenberger.

Ensign Horace Ancel Bass.

Lieutenant (junior grade) William Mack Holt


Six aviators died in the battle of Guadalcanal, but four more died after: Ensign Donald A. Innis, Lieutenant (junior grade) Elisha Terrill “Smokey” Stover, Mark K. Bright, and Lieutenant (junior grade) Melvin C. Roach.

Richard Emerson Harmer survived the war, and his son is preserving his father’s past as well as his fellow aviators’ past by sharing all his father kept.


There will be a lot more to come on this blog that will now be dedicated to him and VF(N)-101.

I am sure you will be amazed just like I was when I saw everything Tom had shared, especially his father’s journal for 1944.




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