Remembering Lieutenant (junior grade) John M. Kleinman

I believe he survived the war.

John M. Kleinman flew also with Fighting Squadron 17.

His name appears 28 times in this book.

This is a most interesting excerpt…

By the end of January, we had two combat veterans aboard, Lt(jg) Johnny Kleinman and Lt(jg) Sunny Jim Halford. Both had served with carrier-based fighter squadrons early in the Pacific War and then, in September and October 1942, land-based at Guadalcanal’s Henderson Field. Unfortunately, their squadron, Fighting-5, had been right at the forefront -literally the first line of defense – during its tour at Guadalcanal, and the experience had been brutal.

Though Kleinman and Halford each had had ample home leave and time to recover, both proved to be a little shaky still when they reported aboard Fighting-17. In truth, neither was overjoyed with the prospect of going out again.

Six lieutenants joined us from various elimination bases, where they had been instructors at the most basic level of the Navy’s pilot entry program. They were all good pilots, but none had any combat experience nor even any time in high-performance airplanes. We got one more lieutenant, who, along with a passel of new ensigns, had only just completed advanced training. I was shocked to learn that none of the newly bewinged pilots…


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