Remembering Ensign Mark K. Bright (1919-1944)

1942 VF (5) Squadron Saratoga 3-27 Bright

Lieutenant (j.g.), U.S. Navy R
Fighting Squadron 5 (VF-5), U.S.S. Saratoga
Date of Action: August 7, 1942


The Navy Cross is presented to Mark K. Bright, Lieutenant (j.g.), U.S. Navy, for extraordinary heroism and distinguished service in the line of his profession as Wingman, Fifth Division, Fighting Squadron Five, during the Guadalcanal-Tulagi action on August 7, 1942. Upon sighting an enemy force of eleven dive bombers about to enter upon a diving attack against transports and other surface vessels, Lieutenant (j.g.) Bright played an important role in an attack upon them which resulted in the destruction of nine of them, thereby breaking up the enemy attack and preventing the enemy from registering any hits upon their targets. He personally shot down two of the enemy bombers, one of them while in its dive before its bombs had been released. He also assisted in destroying two other planes which crashed under the combined fire of his guns and those of other friendly pilots. His conduct throughout was in keeping with the highest traditions of the Naval Service.

CinC Pac Serial 28 (1943)
Birth: 2/8/1919 – Lodi, CA
Home Town: Anderson, IN




During the morning of 17 June 1944, Lt Mark K. Bright, an F4F and F6F ace (9 kills) serving with VF-16, is killed by antiaircraft fire while attacking ground targets at Guam/Agana Airdome.


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