Remembering Ensign Charles Emil Eichenberger (1920-1942)


Courtesy Tom Harmer


Source here

Charles Emil Eichenberger, Jr., born 12 May 1920 in Naranja, Florida, enlisted in the Naval Reserve 15 April 1941 and was appointed aviation cadet 13 June. Serving in Fighter Squadron 5 in Saratoga (CV 3), Ensign Eichenberger was killed in action 12 September 1942 in the fierce fighting of the Solomon Islands while pressing home an attack on enemy dive bombers.

USS Eichenberger (DE 202) (1943-1945) was the first ship named in his honor.

(Photo from the The Citadel, Citadel History)

His name is mentioned several times in that book.


We learn he survived two times from mishaps.

eichenberger-in-book-1 eichenberger-in-book-2 eichenberger-in-book-3-death


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