Names of the pilots of VF-5 USS Saratoga – 15 July, 1942

Now that I know how many pilots were on USS Saratoga posing for posterity,  I can begin to write about what happened to all of them for the next 39 weeks on this blog.


I had found the same picture in this book I bought on Google Books three weeks ago.


All the names were there.


VF-5 July, 1942

Top row (left to right): Price, Reiplinger, Altemus, Gunsolus, Eichenberger, Innis, Gray, Kleinmann, Morgan, Roach, Dufilho, Smith

Center row: Currie, Robb, Wesolowski. Starkes, Davy, Holt, Daly, Presley, McDonald, Tabberer, Barbieri, Haynes, Bass, Blair, Bright

Bottom row: Kleinman, Stover, Crews, Brown, Southerland, Harmer, Simpler, Richardson, Green, Jensen, Clarke, Stepanek. (Capt. H. W. Crews)


We now have all the names of the 39 pilots. I even found the date when the group picture was taken.

15 July.


Next week we will start to pay homage to the first of the 39 pilots, Ensign Robert L. Price.



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