Now We Know Who They Are

Robert B. Brunson had identified  who were the Corsair pilots on this picture shared by Lieutenant Kelly’s son.


Of course we knew thanks to his son who was John Kelly. Robert Brunson was also on that picture, and he wrote me just a few minutes ago.

Kneeling:  Bob Holden, Jack Kelly, ??? Von Sprecken, 

Standing: Bob Poirier, myself, Bob Brunson,  “Chick” Harmer, Chris Orphanides and “Bunky” Rowlen.     


Now I know who they are, and I am going to try to find their relatives.


7 thoughts on “Now We Know Who They Are

  1. Were you able to identify the ??? von Sprecken in your picture? Could it be Frank von Sprecken? Is this from WWI for WWII? I think he was my great uncle. His plane disappeared during WWII.


    • I am looking into Richard Harmer’s 1944 journal. von Sprecken’s name is there, but I have yet to find his first name. There are 365 pages in the journal.


    • The only clue I found for now is this…

      VON SPRECKEN, Frank Jr, LTJG, O-120085, USNR, from Louisiana, location Pacific Ocean, missing, date of loss August 25, 1944 (pm) + VON SPRECKEN, Frank, Jr., Lieutenant (jg), USNR. Wife, Mrs. T. W. Von Sprecken, 2381 Government St., Baton Rouge, La (na) + VON SPRECKEN, Frank, Lieutenant Junior Grade, O-120085, USN, from Louisiana, Aug-44, Honolulu Memorial (bm)


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